Monday, January 3, 2011


Doing my rounds of New Year wishes for all my blogs, and this is also another blog that I just simply cannot leave out.
I may not be really good in updating this blog, but I do spend time to write my reviews and to share my thoughts.

2010 has been a year where I did not really watch a lot of movies (REALLY!), but instead more dramas, as you can see in most of my review compilations.
I don't know why, guess I was just tired after work and on weekends, and I didn't really like to join the long queues or make my way into crowded cinemas where I cannot thoroughly enjoy the movie.

Dramas were generously shared by another close friend of mine, and I have been catching up on some TVB, Taiwanese, Japanese and even Korean dramas which work just fine.
Of course, most of the reviews are still pending, although I have posted on a few.

Anyway, I am currently doing a re-run of some of my old favorite dramas and will be doing my write up for them pretty soon.
I hope to fill this blog with more interesting and exciting movie/drama reviews and maybe even some TV shows, if I have the time for them..LOL =P

I will be posting up soon, after I complete a few dramas on hand, in fact, I am already writing up the review on my favorite Korean drama which I have just finished yesterday.

It is a brand NEW year and I thank those who have enjoyed my blog, and my apologies to those who was disappointed in the lack of updates.
2011 will be different, I will do my best to maintain this blog (and all my other blogs too) to keep them constantly updated and fresh to all of you.

If there is any movie/drama you are interested in and have yet to see it on my blog, do drop me a note and I will see what I can do about it.
Of course, nothing porn, and too much violence yeah =)


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