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ATV: I Have a Date with Spring (我和春天有個約會) 1995

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No.of episodes: 40

Main Cast:
Sharon Tang Shui Man - Yew Siu Tip/Butterfly
Kiki Sheung Tin Ngor - Hung Lin Sai/Hung Dai Tai/Nancy
Joey Meng Yee Man - Lan Fung Ping
Erica Choi - Kam Lo Lo/ Lulu
Kong Wah - Sam Ka Hou
Raymond Choi - Donny
Thomas Lam Cho Fai - Dai Gai Lok/ Lok Dai Gai
Tam Bing Man - Yew Kuan Kei/Siu Tip's father
Leung Shan - Mui Lan Sin
Nam Hung - Kui Sau Kuen
Johnny Yip - O'Campbell
Baby Bo - Pin Pin
Crystal Tin - Fei Fei
Eric Wan - Ah Wah
Ng Yuen Yee - Kam Mei Lai
Bau Hei Jing - Lily Ma
Chun Kai Wai - Bobby
Allen Ting - Danny

This is the story of a singer in the 1960s; Yew Siu Tip and how she started her singing career.

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The drama was filmed in flashbacks, with the first few episodes showing Siu Tip aka Butterfly (Sharon Tang) who flew back from Canada after retiring from the entertainment for years for her concert, organized by her best girl friend, Kam Lo Lo who owned the Lai Fa Palace which holds memories for them and it was the very place where Siu Tip started her career as a singer.
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Siu Tip fondly recalls memories of her youth when she reaches Hong Kong, and the drama went back in flashbacks to the 60s, when Siu Tip was just a young and energetic girl.

She was the only daughter in the family, and was very much adored by her paternal grandmother and her father, who was also a street singer, Yew Kuan Kei(Tam Bing Man), and her father's companion, Auntie Mui/Mui Lan Sin.
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Siu Tip loved singing, but her father, being in the entertainment industry himself discouraged her from entering the field as he believed that it was too complex for girls.
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Siu Tip secretly sought the help of Auntie Mui who helped to enlist her in a singing competition.
During the qualifying rounds of the competition, Siu Tip met two other talented girls; Lan Fung Ping (Joey Meng) and Hung Lin Sai (Kiki Sheung).
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Fung Ping was an illegitimate daughter of a herbal shop owner, and her mother, being the second wife/mistress was constantly bullied by the first wife, Kuen (Nam Hung) who had no child of her own.
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Fung Ping entered the singing competition due to her love for singing but was criticized by her stepmother for being materialistic.

Hung Lin Sai was originally known as Hung Dai Tai, and she grew up in an orphanage run by church. She was the rebellious one among the girls, and was often at loggerheads with the chaperon of the orphanage.
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She changed her name to Lin Sai and even gave herself an English name, Nancy, to give herself a more glamourous front.
She sang English songs and was rather arrogant during the qualifying rounds, bragging that she would definitely win the competition.
She was then humiliated when her chaperon came to the scene and dragged her home, grounding her for the next few days.

Siu Tip was shortlisted as one of the finalists for the competition, along with Lin Sai and Fung Ping, and also another girl, Yuen Pik, who was not talented but somehow she managed to enter the finals.
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Siu Tip's dad was furious and objected to her participation in the finals, but he finally gave in after much persuasion by Auntie Mui and Siu Tip.
Siu Tip sang really well, and she even helped Fung Ping, who had to secretly steal out of home to sing at the finals, by lending her some of her accessories.
Siu Tip was supposed to win the competition but due to a conspiracy among the judges, Yuen Pik won the competition due to the influence of her sugar daddy.
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Siu Tip emerged as the first runner up.
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Fung Ping returned home and was greeted by Donny, a young guy who was a band member who had been courting her for a while.
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He tried to cheer her up and slowly, she fell in love with him.
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Her stepmother criticized her and her mum, for flirting with guys and even tried to kick them out of the shop and house. Fung Ping's dad was very ill, and he died, leaving them with a will which states their inheritance of the house and shop along with the stepmother.
However, the stepmother was not happy and wanted everything to herself, and tried to get her hands on the will. Fung Ping's mum gave in to her.

After winning the competition, Siu Tip wanted to pursue her career in singing, despite her father's protests and was then offered a job in Lai Fah Palace nightclub, run by Uncle Po. However, her father refused her from performing in public as he found that humiliating for a young girl. Auntie Mui then helped to persuade him again, and Siu Tip promised her dad that she would only sing and would be decent that her father finally agreed.

She then helped to introduce Fung Ping, who was desperately looking for a job to Uncle Po who hired her as well.

They were also surprised to see Lin Sai as well, and together they joined the Lai Fah performing group, and even met Kam Lo Lo or known as Lulu, a longtime singer in the nightclub.
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The four then became bosom buddies and were inseparable since then.
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The story then developed into exploring the four girls' lives and their love relationships.
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Siu Tip fell in love with Sam Ka Hou (Kong Wah), a very talented and aspiring saxophonist/musician performing in Lai Fah.
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Ka Hou, on the other hand, was rather indifferent towards her, much to her frustration and she was left helpless.
Actually Ka Hou was also interested in her, but he was a sensible guy and he felt that he ought to focus on his career first rather than love, as taught by his mentor, O' Campbell, who shared his experiences when he was younger and taught his students, of whom included Donny, to strive for success in their careers and not be looked down upon by others due to their profession.
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The owner of Lai Fah had a son, Lok Dai Gai, who just returned from overseas and he was attracted to Siu Tip, appearing at the nightclub every night to watch her performance. He was rather stiff and silly at times, and was easily fooled by the girls when they manipulated him to make Ka Hou jealous.
Siu Tip, gave up on playing games, thus pushing Dai Gai to Lulu to break the news gently to him that Siu Tip does not like him but Lulu and Dai Gai ended up together.

Fung Ping, on the other hand, was in a supposedly happy relationship with Donny, but she was soon burdened with his gambling debts. Her girl friends advised her to leave Donny as he was not just a compulsive gambler, but also a womanizer but Fung Ping refused to listen. She was being pursued by a noble inspector, Wong Ka Sing, who protected her, but she still chose to stand by Donny. She found out that Donny was a gigolo, to earn money to pay his debts and she was hysterical, attempting suicide, but Sing and her friends, advised her and Donny decided to turn over a new leaf, accepting the job of a band leader in Vietnam.
Fung Ping then left with Donny to Vietnam, along with the child in her (she was pregnant at that time), and they struggled to make a living there,
They both got married, but they also died during the chaotic times in Vietnam during the war as well.

Lin Sai, the only one among the four who did not believe in men and love, also fell for a playful sailor, John, who, initially only courted her out of a bet with his friends. She was furious when she found out and enlisted the help of her sisters (girl friends) to play a trick on him. The two slowly did fall for each other, but their romance was an ill-fated one as John was reported to have died in a shipwreck while Lin Sai then died of cancer.

Siu Tip and Ka Hou's relationship also hit the rocks when Siu Tip became famous after performing Ka Hou's specially composed song for her during the floor show (the prime time show) at Lai Fah when their star singer, Pak Long could not manage to turn up on time. When Siu Tip became famous and signed a recording contract, she tried to help to promote Ka Hou's composing talent to her producer by insisting that she wanted Ka Hou to compose her songs.
Ka Hou was furious when he found out as the producer chided him with condescending remarks. They got into a row.

Ka Hou then also decided to pursue his career in the States and promised Siu Tip that he would be back after three years and that they would keep in touch with each other during their distant relationship period.
Siu Tip then reluctantly agreed but she never heard a word from Ka Hou during the three years despite her continuous letter writing to him. Three years then spanned to a few more years and then the story returned to the first few episodes, where Siu Tip went to Canada and was back to perform one last show before Lai Fah Palace nightclub shuts down.

Unknown to her, Lulu arranged the whole concert as a reunion with the old group who used to work at the place and also a few more surprises for her.

Siu Tip was surprised to meet all the old timers from the nightclub and even the photo of the four of them. She was in for another surprise when Lulu introduced Danny as Fung Ping's son, whom all thought was aborted when Fung Ping went to Vietnam.
The biggest surprise of all, came when Siu Tip was performing on the stage and Ka Hou appeared beside her, replacing Danny as the saxophonist. It turned out that Danny was raised by Ka Hou who found him in Vietnam during the war.

Everyone expected Siu Tip to be elated but she stormed off after her performance, and she was furious at Ka Hou. Siu Tip demanded an explanation but all Ka Hou could utter was 'Sorry'.

Lulu was disappointed at how her arrangements turned out and then tried to patch things up between Siu Tip and Ka Hou by arranging for a farewell dinner for Siu Tip before she leaves for Canada again. Lulu faked an illness that she cannot be overly excited, thus forcing Siu Tip and Ka Hou to pretend to be loving and adoring to each other. However, Lulu accidentally burst her own bubble, and Siu Tip ran off.
As Ka Hou tried to chase after her, he was hit by a car, and was then admitted to the hospital. Siu Tip stayed by his side and Ka Hou then finally told her what actually happened over the past 30 years.
He was actually caught in the war and met another girl, Siu Ling who almost died while saving him and Danny. As Ling was crippled, Ka Hou stayed by her and took care of her out of gratitude.

Siu Tip was touched by the story, but she still could not forgive him as she had finally had enough of Ka Hou's attitude towards her, blaming him for being cold towards her when they were young, and how he could treat everyone so well but yet could be so cold to her.

The ending was rather vague; with Siu Tip singing on the stage and accompanied by Ka Hou. I don't think they ended up together, and it was rather a mirage, as Siu Tip had flown off to Canada in the scene before that and the last scene of the dance, did not seem to fit in at all, as it did not look like their age, but rather a legendary romance of them.

Character Analysis:
As this was based on a true story, I am not sure whether I should do a character analysis but anyway, just a brief one:

Sharon Tang as Yew Siu Tip
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She is a cheerful person, which is not surprising since she had it all and was considered the most fortunate out of the four girls as she came from a decent and clean family background. She could choose her own path and destiny and still had her parents and family to support her. Although her mother left her, but she was never short of mother's love with the presence of Auntie Mui in her life.
Sharon Tang may seem a little old to play the young girl in her early 20s but I still find her act convincing, just not too cute though.

Kiki Sheung as Hung Lin Sai
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She was the most pessimistic of the lot, even compared to Fung Ping but she was the most determined and hard-headed. Perhaps it was due to her growing up in an orphanage which made her own such a tough attitude and the survival skills. She would not bow down to fate, and worked hard to establish her own success. It was also due to her environment that she found it hard to trust anyone; especially men. It was fortunate for her to have found friends in the three girls.
She did fall in love, but was furious when she found out that she was just a bet. Compared to other women, she was definitely tougher in handling the situation.
Kiki Sheung played this character perfectly, which was not surprising since she is a veteran actress and I feel that the character of Nancy fitted her.

Joey Meng as Lan Fung Ping
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She is another unfortunate girl, like Lin Sai, but she is better off in the sense that her parents were still around although the situation was chaotic at home. She was also the more fortunate one in romance as she had a doting boyfriend despite his compulsive gambling ways. However, she did have everything going tough for her though; from work to her family and even her love life. She is probably the second most pitiful one next to Lin Sai.
Joey is the youngest compared to the rest of the actresses, and she is just so sweet and believably demure as Fung Ping.

Erica Choi as Lulu
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This is the happiest one of all; perhaps owing to her happy-go-lucky character as well. She had to work to help support the family at a young age of four, but yet she seemed to be enjoying herself in everything she does. She dared to dream and love, and she was the most fortunate of all as she finally had it all; marrying a rich man and not having to worry about work anymore. She was the only one who truly had a happy ending.

Kong Wah as Sam Ka Hou
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He was supposed to be the most charming and suave guy, but honestly, I just find him annoying at times, the way he tried to act like he was just so cool and oh-so-hard-to-get kind.He was focused on his career and was the favourite among all the other students to his mentor, and it was probably due to this that he felt obliged to remain obedient and to keep up to his mentor's expectations. Sometimes though, he was kinda wimpy at love as he cannot even find the courage to admit his love nor did he ever profess his love for Siu Tip before. It was just frustrating to see Siu Tip being rejected over and over again. I did not blame Siu Tip for not forgiving him at all in the end, and she was right, he could be kind to the whole world and only cruel to her.

Favourite scenes:
1. All the singing scenes of the four girls
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2. All the scenes of the four girls, their friendship is just heart-warming!~
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3. The scenes in Lai Fah Palace nightclub especially when they unite to argue with the slutty Yuen Pik
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4. The scenes of Siu Tip and Ka Hou
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5. When Siu Tip and Lulu started being friends with Lin Sai
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In Episode 10, when Lin Sai gathered the girls to check out on Yuen Pik flirting with Wong Ka Sing, Lulu was observed to be wearing the gold sheer frock, but when she appeared outside the stage with the rest, she was spotted wearing the golden yellow dress!

This is another of my favourite drama, and I'd definitely recommend it for the lovely and lively oldies, and also the colorful costumes and lives of the characters in the 1960s.
I've always loved movies/dramas set against the colorful background of the 1960s.
The drama tends to drag a little after Siu Tip became famous; from episode 25 or 26 onwards and it was only until the last few episodes before the concluding episode that it turns back to its pace when Siu Tip returns.
However, over all, I still enjoyed the drama, and I must say this is one of ATV's best! =)

TVB: My Better Half (老公萬歲) 2010

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No. of episodes: 20

Michael Miu Kiu Wai - Ching Sum
Maggie Cheung Ho Yee - Ko Lai Sum
Michael Tse Tin Wah - Ching Yee
Teresa Lee Yi Hung - Miu Ling Chi
Mandy Cho Man Lei - Yuki Yau Ka Lei

Supporting Cast:
Ching's Family:
Chu Wai Tak - Ching Yi Cheung
Suet Nei - Lam Bat Hang

Ko's Family
Lee Fung - Kam Ngan Fa

Mimi Lo - Poon Lei Sin
Derek Kwok - Kong San Sou
Oscar Leung - Hung Cheut Sek
Grace Wong - Sou Sin Hung
Wu Fung - Lou Cheung Chuen

Special appearance: Jamie Chik as Nurse

Michael Miu plays Ching Sum, who married Ko Lai Sum (Maggie Cheung), a wife who controls and watches his every move.
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Lai Sum is always suspicious of Sum, on whether he is fooling around outside and checks on him at all times, giving him a hard time when she finds anything amiss with her husband.
Sum, on the other hand, did not defy his wife, despite being ridiculed by his colleagues and friends, especially his own younger brother, Ching Yee (Michael Tse) who was a self-professed casanova, and he never believed in impossibilities in love.

Yee crosses path with Miu Ling Chi (Teresa Lee) whom he was at loggerheads with and yet they ended up being colleagues.
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The duo then fell in love with each other, and their sparks were about to blossom into romance when Yee bumps into Yuki (Mandy Cho) who was his first lover from high school.

Yuki was now married to an older Japanese man, who was paralyzed and she was taking care of him. Yee still has feelings for her; as she was his first love and he helped to support her studying abroad. Yuki told Yee about the Japanese's kindness to her when she was in Japan and how she ended up marrying him out of gratitude as well. Yuki then sought Yee's help to stir her husband's jealousy; and to cure his paralysis.
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When her husband recovered, Yuki once again left Yee to return with her husband.

Yee and Ling Chi grew a little distant but Yee was still unsure of his feelings for her and Yuki.
Sum also begged Yee to reveal the truth to Lai Sum; who was suspicious of her husband from the first day of their marriage due to one single incident; Lai Sum found a lipstick stained handkerchief in Sum's pocket while taking out his coat and she was upset that her husband had cheated on her right from the beginning.
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It turned out that the whole issue started from Yee, who had an affair with Yuki at that time when she first returned from Japan and Yee enlisted Yuki's help to convince his sister-in-law and Lai Sum is finally appeased and the couple was finally reconnciled with Lai Sum having a peace of mind from then on.
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Yuki then returned to Hong Kong and sought Yee, as her husband had passed away, much to the displeasure of Ling Chi who was hopeful that her romance with Yee would finally blossom. Yee was in a dilemma between Yuki and Ling Chi but Yuki seemed to be victorious with his affections.
However, Yee soon realized that he was truly in love with Ling Chi and they ended up together.

Yee was about to marry Ling Chi, and it seemed to be a happy ending until Lai Sum found out that she could not bear a child due to health problems.
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They went for a medical check-up and wanted to go for the in-vitro fertilization to bear a child but to no avail. They finally found the suitable donor from Ling Chi, and ironically, Yee faced the same problem with child-bearing due to his frivolous ways in the past.

It seemed like a crazy situation, with their partners each unable to bear a child and yet the solution could be found in their siblings' spouses!
However, it was soon to be done, with Ling Chi willing to bear Sum and Lai Sum's child although their parents were skeptical about the results as well.
Ling Chi finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and they were in for a shock when a crazy lunatic took their baby and almost threw him off the roof!

It was all a happy ending, with Yee and Ling Chi finally marrying in the church and the whole cast even performed a rendition of the theme song which coincidentally, was the song from Chow Yun Fatt's old movie, 'Diary of a Big Man'.
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Cast/Character Analysis:
Michael Miu as Ching Sum
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Honestly, I find this character a little wimpy as he could not even have the courage to tell his wife or to own up to something. Alright, so he had to protect his own brother's benefit, but at the expense of ruining your own marriage? That seemed a little too far-fetched.
It is obvious that Michael Miu had been away from acting for a while, as there were some scenes where he did not seem that natural and could be a little awkward sometimes. The scene where he posed as the famous "Hao Kor" from EU, that was also too insane and unnecessary.

Maggie Cheung as Ko Lai Sum
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Despite her taking such a long break from acting, Maggie is still her best at playing this unbearing wife character. She wore her facial expressions really well; displaying mild and tough in a balance although some of her roles could be crazy.

Michael Tse as Ching Yee
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The casanova, and a comic as well who provided light moments to the drama. Despite being a playboy, he was pretty loyal to his first love and I guess it was also due to him hurting from Yuki's sudden departure that he sought comfort in hiding himself behind his philandering mask.
Michael Tse played this character really well; trying to be cool on the exterior but yet being a lovestruck puppy on the inside.

Teresa Lee as Miu Ling Chi
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This character is the typical lady trying to find fault with the playboy and yet end up falling in love with him. Then she struggled to maintain her cool but she is no longer the tough lady anymore. Teresa had also been away from acting for some time, and I find her acting a little exaggerated in this part, compared to her previous acting. I believe that all the crazy scenes were not needed to express this character's personality.

Mandy Cho as Yuki
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She is the damsel in distress, the one who needed protection, love and attention from her men and yes, she is the one who managed to attract her guy with her sweet and innocent looks as well. Mandy Cho fitted this role with her doe-eyes and innocent personality, making her believable as the guy that most guys would have a soft spot for.

Supporting characters:
Derek Kwok and Mimi Lo were hilarious as a couple, and best friends to the main characters. They definitely added more comedy merits to the drama!~
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This is a light-hearted drama, albeit a lot of predictable scenes.
It is certainly a comeback drama for Maggie Cheung, who finally returned to the television scene after such a long time and she did not disappoint the viewers as her acting remained consistent. Besides Maggie, we also see Teresa Lee's return to TVB series and this is the second collaboration of Michael Miu and Michael Tse since their triad series, EU.
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Initially I thought this was a drama based on the story of Chow Yun Fatt's movie, 'Diary of a Big Man' revolving around two wives as the theme song was exactly the replica of the song from the movie but yet, it was a totally different story, except that the man of the show shared a common similarity; whereby they were afraid of their wives.
Watch it if you are in for some laughs and comedy revolving around marriage and in-laws!~

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TVB: Every Move You Make (讀心神探) 2010

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No. of episodes: 20

Bowie Lam Po Yee - Linus Yiu Hok Sam
Bosco Wong Chung Chak - Trevor Ho Lai Yin
Crystal Tin Yiu Nei - Ma Dam Phoenix/Yip Chin Ting
Aimee Chan - Perlie Ching Pui Yee

Supporting Cast:
Police team
Chris Lai Lok Yi - Mak Wing Hei
Loretta Chow - Wu Hau Ying
Jack Hui - Kan Ho Ming

Ching's Family
Susan Tse - Chung Sau Han
Yu Yang - Ching Siu Hong
Lau Kong - Ching Siu On
Fung So Bor - Lo Sui Heung
Helen Ma - Ching Yin Ha
Mannor Chan - Ching Yin Ping
Matthew Ko - Kelvin Cheung Chi Kit
Chui Wing - Ching Sau Yip

Cast appearing in the cases:
First case:
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Samantha Ko - Annie Leung
Raymond Cho - Gordon Lam
Eileen Yeow - Ng Mei Yue
Benjamin Yuen - Lo Man Kin
Jason Chan - Anthony Ho Wing Kwong

2nd Case:
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Helena Tam - Daisy Liu
Stephen Huynh - Donald Lai
Janet Chow - Ngai Wing Shan
Choi Hong Nin - Wilson

3rd Case:
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Macy Chan - Emily Chow
Candy Cheung - Katie Lam
Jack Wu - Edmond Tang
Ching Hor Wai - Chin So Fun
Jason Pai - Hung Kwan
Eda Chan - Ling Tan Tan

4th Case:
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Bowie Wu Fung - Wong Chun Yu
Kong Ming Fai - Wong Hiu Tung
Vivien Yeo -Fan Xiao-li
Luvin Ho - Wong Pui-man
Angela Tong - Yuen Ling Chi
Hugo Wong - Xiao Gang

5th Case:
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Felix Lok - Yiu Tin Po
Nancy Wu - Tang Ping Ping
Ngai Man Wai - Tsang Wing Sing
Mak Ka Lun - Lo Chi Fai
Lau Yat Fei - Chow Peng Jun
Bond Chan - Lee Siu Kong

6th Case:
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Max Cheung - Kwan Lo
Wong Ching - Tan Tsui
Chang Tse Sheng - Leung Wing Tai
Ruco Chan - Chiu Man Hoi
Jeanette Leung - Lam Lim Chee
Samuel Kwok - Wong Tin Wing

Linus Yiu Hok Sam is a detective specialized in applied psychology; being able to read criminal from their body language and facial expressions, making him one of the most competent and highly regarded senior inspector in his region.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Upon returning to West Kowloon police department after completing his studies, he found himself with two new subordinates; Madam Yip/Phoenix and her subordinate, Trevor Ho who will now be reporting to him.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

His way of handling cases spurred mixed reactions from both Phoenix and Trevor; especially Trevor who was constantly in disagreement with him when he decided to release suspects without any reasons.
However, as time progresses, Linus trained his subordinates in reading suspects' facial expressions and body language to determine whether they are telling the truth or pulling a prank, and solved mysteries successfully.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

In terms of romance and relationship issues, Linus had to deal with a childhood trauma whereby he witnessed his father's disappearance and suspected death when he vanished in a boat explosion before his very eyes.
He constantly missed his father and tried to search for his father whom he believed to be still alive, particularly after hearing the prediction from a prominent fortune teller, Yuen Ling Chi. He soon found his father and invited him home to the family. However, his father turned out to be a swindler by profession and was blackmailing his mother.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
In the case which involved his father, Linus caught him when he was trying to hurt his stepsister, Perlie, and put his father in jail.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
His father decided to turn for the better as he was touched by Linus's sincerity and filial piety, and Linus promised to wait for him.

Phoenix was slowly drawn towards Linus, despite him knowing it.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
She had a son whom she had to take care of after separating from her husband. She admired Linus for his intelligence and wit in solving cases, but she also found herself falling for him.

Trevor, on the other hand fell for Linus's stepsister, Perlie and the duo started going out, hiding their relationship from Linus while Trevor slowly gained his favour.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
The whole drama revolved more on the case solving while the relationships and romance take a sideline.
Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Character Analysis:
Bowie Lam as Linus Yiu

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

I have always liked to see Bowie in roles like these; as he always exuded a certain mystery around him and is especially good in detective roles. Linus is a very reserved man, and finds it hard to trust in others, perhaps due to his own knowledge acquired in the field of reading others.
He may have been too absorbed in his own expertise that he found it hard to blend in with the other realistic elements in life.
The character is rather hard to decipher sometimes; being cold and warm at the same time, and not sensing love and care from others around him.

Crystal Tin as Phoenix

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Originally from ATV, I find Crystal rather natural in most of her scenes although at times she looked rather blank in reacting to the different change in the situations of her roles. She did not have much of a significance in her role, besides appearing besides Linus most of the time, but she did portray the role of a confused divorcee who was awkward around a superior whom she was attracted to quite well, and was quite at ease in the role.

Bosco Wong as Trevor

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

This is usually the type of Bosco's role; being the defiant and stubborn subordinate who always thinks he is right. He returns as yet another hard-headed and strong-willed cop, and sometimes I felt like he was just bringing his character from Burning Flame 3 into this role; and maybe it was also because he was paired with Aimee once again.

Aimee Chan as Perlie

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

I have always liked this sweet actress; and she was good as the spoilt and cute little sister who always wanted attention. She could improve more in her facial expressions, and like Bosco, I find her role almost similar to that in Burning Flame 3.

Susan Tse as Chung Sau Han

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

After seeing so many evil roles of her, I must say I was pleasantly surprised that she played this innocent and constantly abused mother of Linus to perfection that I could not help but feel pity and rage for her most of the time whenever she is being verbally abused by her in-laws.
A veteran actress at her best! =)

My opinion:
I have enjoyed dramas like these all the time, and this is yet another interesting storyline although it is similar to their western counterpart's Lie To Me.
However, watch it if you are in for crime-solving like me, with a new twist.
I love psychology-based drama, and TVB seems to be going towards this direction, or are they totally running out of ideas, as I have noticed lots of TVB dramas lately picking up after Japanese and Western dramas?

I liked it nevertheless, and it's not draggy at all in the storyline =)