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Made of Honor (2008)

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Director: Paul Weiland
Patrick Dempsey - Tom Bailey
Michelle Monaghan - Hannah
Kevin McKidd - Colin McMurray

Patrick Dempsey; with his suave and charming ways play a heartthrob playboy in this movie and had a reputation in college for sleeping with almost every girl in their freshmen year.
His attempt to bed another girl ended up in an argument with her roommate, Hannah (Michelle Monaghan) whom he mistaken for his love conquest.
Hannah started off with a bad impression of him but few years later, they have launched into a strong platonic friendship.
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Tom often seeks the calm and down-to-earth Hannah for advice and vice versa.
Their platonic friendship was stable until Hannah comes back from Scotland, engaged to the Mr Right, the man of her dreams.
Things turn out of the normal way when Hannah requests for Tom to be her maid of honor (unconventional).
That was when Tom realized that he really wants Hannah more than a friend, and that she is one he wants in her life (compared to all his other conquests).

In a race against time and using his position as the maid of honor in close proximity to Hannah during the preparation period, he has to let her know how he feels for her and stop the wedding in time.
Of course, this being a typical chic flick, we are in for the happy ending that everyone wants.

A simple storyline which has been recycled more than a zillion times about how shaky platonic relationships are and questions whether they can really exist.
Well, of course, put in some doe-eyed and suave guys and BAM, you hit the ratings and the box office again.

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Patrick Dempsey as the playboy Tom was kinda hard to buy in the beginning; I don't know. Maybe because of his looks and his character portrayal in Enchanted which is still on my mind, I find it was a little odd to put him as a playboy.
Throw in other guys, I could probably buy it.
But anyway, being an experienced actor like Dempsey, that unconvincing part brushed off pretty fast and I started enjoying Tom's transformation from a polygamous guy into such a serious guy who only had eyes for Hannah.
It was so funny, that look on his face when Hannah told him that she wants him to be the maid of honor.
Guess that's what you can't get from an amateur actor; it's really hilarious.
His eyes really charmed me; and I liked how he gazed adoringly into Hannah or even her back as he saw her walking away or with her fiance.

I rarely see Michelle Monaghan in movies, and she may not have all the highly attractive features like Keira, but Michelle definitely had the no-nonsense and typical goody two shoes kinda girl who was serious about love.
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I liked the calmness in her eyes and in everything she does.
It was so sad that she has been suppressing her feelings for Tom. I guess I could understand why she did it and how she could have fallen for him.
He was pretty charming and good girls, yeah, the old saying, tend to fall for bad guys. At the same time, looking at how he slept with one girl after another, I don't think that's promising enough to a girl on how she could choose him as her life partner.

Overall, I find this movie not that bad, and afterall, it's a chick flick, of course I won't say no to it right?

Rating: 3/5

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