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TVB: Corruption Doesn't Pay 廉政英雄之火槍柔情 (1994)

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An investigative drama centered on the ICAC bureau in Hong Kong. This drama zooms into the special armed unit of the ICAC and involves the cases they pursued and at the same time, the lives of the three female armed officers in the Team B.

Poon Wai Yan (Sharon Tang Shui Man), is the only female armed officer when the series start and she was one of the most elite members in the squad; despite her gender. She is very dedicated to her work; despite the protests from her own family (mainly her old grandmother, played by Lai Suen) and her boyfriend. Her determination in her work soon led to the break up between her and her boyfriend; when he felt neglected for so long that he had found love in his colleague.
Devastated, Wai Yan then realized it was her own mistake as much as it was his, although she could not accept her cheating on him. Focusing all her energy on work, she then embarked on a dangerous mission with the new hire as they go undercover to unveil the truth behind the smuggling of drugs of the syndicate which involved air-stewardesses and HK Customs/Immigration.
At the same time, she found herself drawn towards her own superior, Cheuk Ming (played by Lee Chi Hung) who shared the same feelings as her. When they finally started their relationship, her long lost friend came back from the past, however, she had to be careful to thread on the lines as her old friend, Ma Kei Cheung (played by Cheung Kwok Keung) seems to be involved in a highly-complex treachery in the commercial world.

Wai Yan's best friend,Chung Chi Lin (played by Kiki Sheung Tin Ngor) is a simple-minded woman who is more devoted to her family than her job and often advises Wai Yan to start to think about her own happiness too. When she was accidentally dragged into the undercover story and unable to get home, she missed her husband and son so much and was depressed. When the case was finally solved, she found that her own marriage was in trouble as her husband seems to have feelings for their son's teacher, Ms Yim. There were soon cracks in the marriage as the couple starts to engage in distrust and frustration even after the husband vowed never to see the other woman again (who decided to further her studies abroad). They finally reconciled when Chi Lin decided to take a long break and amend things. However, Chi Lin had to step in to help her two best friends when they were in a situation with the criminals.

Polly, Kam Po Ling (Esther Kwan Wing Hor) first appeared as a victim held hostage by the criminal in the first case. When Wai Yan rescued her from the hands of the bad guy, she was in awe of the ICAC and decided to join the squad. She was successful following the training and the examinations and was enlisted as one of the new officers; assigned under Wai Yan, whom she highly admired. She was diligent and dedicated to the work; although was overly aggressive in the beginning and was constantly reprimanded by Wai Yan. She also had to deal with her stepfather whom she had misunderstood for so many years and had to reconcile with after she realized how much he cared for her. At the same time, she found herself drawn towards a guy, Kelvin Chow Man Hin (played by Alex Fong Chun Shun) whom she initially detested and then slowly falling for his charms.

The whole drama was indeed a realistic depiction of the way the ICAC carried out their operations and I especially love the chemistry of the teamwork and how the whole team worked so well together on each of the cases.
The chemistry of the couples in the drama was right; and my favorite couple has to be Polly and Kelvin; although I do like Wai Yan and Cheuk Ming as well.

A lovely and heart-warming ending to the action-packed drama, which made me reeling for more of ICAC suspense!

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