Monday, December 29, 2008

Diary of a Big Man (1988)

I remembered staying up to watch this movie on the VCR during my school holidays back when I was in primary school.
I practically grew up with this movie!

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Chow Yun Fatt, Joey Wong, Sally Yeh lent a hilarious hand in making this movie such an enjoyable watch for a young girl like me.
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It started with a simple storyline of how a bigamist juggled with the two marriages in his life and the extra lengths he went to avoid either wife finding out about his infidelity.

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Big Brother Chow Yun Fatt was indeed the main attraction as he cheekily sashays his way in and out of his lives with his two beautiful wives; played by Joey and Sally respectively.
The main reason he used was his job nature as a stockbroker where he needs to be awake for the whole night to watch the stock market, when in actual fact, he was driving from one house to another to allocate the equal amount of time for both wives.

Throw in his best friend; played by Waise Lee who was the only one who knew about his secret and was his accomplice in all his tricks; much to the chagrin of his suspicious and intelligent girlfriend, played by Carrie Ng.

Then somehow Kent Cheng's character as the suspicious police inspector was involved as he tries to investigate on whether Fatt was practising bigamy.
It was a hilarious adventure throughout the movie and I was kept entertained by his antics and even the songs he sung!

When both wives unsuspectingly falls into friendship, Fatt was in a big mess as he tries to tear them apart and with the help of Waise, they spun a ridiculous story which confused everyone.
However, it wasn't long before both women realized the truth and plotted their revenge, with the help of Carrie and gave Fatt his much-deserved 'vacation' on his and Joey's wedding anniversary.

All hell broke loose then and Fatt had to juggle to win both their hearts back again when they both decided to leave.
When Fatt decides to give up, they both stayed back but Fatt had to decide that it was the best if they were to follow their separate paths.

A great watch especially if you are Chow Yun Fatt's fan!~
Ending was a little weird but still pretty amusing and satisfying for an ambiguous affair like this!

Favorite scenes from the movie:
1. When Fatt-chai has to run from one house to another in the middle of the night - using the excuse of the US vs Europe stock market crash
2. Fatt-Chai was put on the phone to talk to Joey by Sally - Sally needed him to collect the dress from Joey's boutique
3. Sally found a cockcroach on her forehead which stuck to the tissue paper Fatt Chai used to kill the same cockcroach
4. Fatt Chai making up stories - how Joey was actually a man in disguise and he and Chi Hung were gay partners
5. The birthday plan he and Chi Hung hooked up - which landed Chi Hung in hospital with a swollen mouth
6. The singing scene of 'Very Nice'
7. Fatt Chai entertaining the drunk Joey during the night of the anniversary
8. How Sally and Joey found out they share the same husband in the bridal shop
9. How they tortured him on the anniversary night

I'd definitely watch again and again:)

Thumbs up!

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