Wednesday, September 1, 2010

P2 (2007)

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The movie's synopsis was a thrilling read when I saw it on one of the posters advertising its due release in 2006.

I find the movie really good; despite the 2-star cast which was probably the reason the lack of popularity of this movie.
All the same, I find this movie really entertaining and really am amazed at how such a simple storyline could be turned into an exciting 2-hour roll.

Christmas season; and it's the eve of Christmas, 24th December and everyone's looking forward to get home for the holiday season to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Rachel Nichols is Angela Bridges; a businesswoman who also coincides with the word workaholic. She slaves her Christmas Eve away and was the last to leave the office to be home for dinner with her family.When she finally reaches the car park to her car, it was bad news that her car wouldn't start. It was even worse that the whole car park was deserted and she was unable to receive a signal on her cell phone.

She was surprised and doubtful when Thomas (Wes Bentley) came to her aid and invited her for dinner at the guard's office and she politely declined his offer, stating that she has plans with her family.Hosted by RockYouPhotos.comHosted by

When Angela was unable to get help from the building's security, she had to make her way back to the car park and she was knocked out where she found herself tied to a chair in Thomas's office; and she was all dressed up in a dress in front of a dining table and Thomas, the security guard was proposing a toast.

She pleads for her freedom and when her pleas fell on deaf ears, she screamed bloody murder and planned her own escape.
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She soon found out that this was all planned and that her car's breakdown was no accident. In fact, this Thomas guy has been observing her for months on what I should call an obsessive infatuation and he went to the extent of ramming the car into the guy whom he thought took advantage of her in the elevator months ago, and he did that in front of her very eyes!~
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The whole movie was a race against time to get out of the carpark and the guard's office on level P2 which proved to be futile since it's Christmas's Eve and no one's working!Hosted by

Even the cops who came over to check the place out left; much to her despair.
Anyway, as how all things come to an end, the movie did have a rather pleasant and much anticipated ending which left a huge relief in the audience when Angela finally managed to outwit Thomas and even killed him in defense and left that horrifying car park in her long long journey home.
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I liked the suspense created in the movie and how the director and scriptwriter just kept building the intense moments and the muffled screams in me, as I bite into my pillow and wished that Thomas could never find her and kept on wishing for the sweet and happy start of the movie.

Rachel Nichols did a brilliant job as a frustrated and distressed woman who was also terrified at the same time and Wes Bentley, gosh, if I had that same poker, I would knock his head out with it.And that dog....sorry to all the dog lovers, he was way too noisy and annoying in the movie.

It's not his fault anyway, but he had a bad and lousy owner!

If you are feeling bored and really wanna learn a trick or two about getting out of a car park and not staying late after work, give this movie a try:)

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Rating: 4 out of 5I still have the creeps of going down to the car park!And I love the white halter dress Rachel wore; she looked really hot in it too;)

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