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TWS: Black & White 痞子英雄 (2009)

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I've just finished watching this drama; following much persuasion from my dear who gave the drama so much credit that I was curious and compelled to watch it for myself too.
(Dear has unusually very high expectations for his dramas/movies/books/food and therefore it just made me feel that this must be really good)

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The whole story of the drama and the theme of the black and white focused on our two main protagonists in the story; Chen Zai Tian (Vic Zhou) and Wu Ying Shiung (Mark Chao).
The title was named after Vic's character's nickname which was Pi Zhi; for someone who is sloppy and with that I-don't-care-attitude.

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The duo crossed paths when Pi Zhi was in the way of Ying Shiung nabbing the drug ring suspected to be involved in the highly dangerous drug "Dreamer". Pi Zhi's presence obstructed the arrest of the gang which went scot free and since then Ying Shiung aka Hero did not have a good impression of him.

It was much to Hero's displeasure when he found out that Pi Zhi has been transferred from the Northern district police station to his Southern district station. If that was not bad enough, Pi Zhi was placed in the same team as him in the Crimes unit and assigned as his partner in crime.

Hero warned Pi Zhi to stay away from him and was constantly annoyed by his working attitude and flirty behavior with women; especially towards a close friend of his; Lan Si Ying, a forensic expert in the lab.
However, the duo grew closer after a few cases and near-death-experiences. They even fell for the same girl; someone they were not supposed to even fall for; Chen Lin, the only daughter of the leader of country's highest profile and most prominent triad society.

Chen Lin initially thought she was in love with Hero; but realized that she was really falling for Pi Zhi when Hero revealed that Pi Zhi was the one who saved her from the crashing train incident.

The story continues to complicate further following the death/murder of the daughter of the Head of Northern District police station and then the appearances of several new characters; all seem to be secret agents belonging to the military, ex-military, and even Interpol as the root of the plot is slowly revealed in the twist of events.

I am wondering whether I should reveal the story here; I do not want to spoil it for those of you who have not watch it yet and are planning to watch it.

It had a really interesting and intriguing twist in the story; and though my dear was impressed by it, I did not find it really anything conspiring out of the ordinary as I started guessing the whole thing out by the 17th episode through all the various hints dropped in the conversations between the characters.

Anyway, it was all in all a different genre of storyline seen in a Taiwanese drama since a long long time; or was it since the Chinese X-Files craze.

Character Analysis
1. Mark Chao as Wu Ying Shiung/Hero
The typical law abiding and enforcer who follows every rule to the book. He was honest and disciplined and a man of much integrity. It was a pain to see him dealing with the fact when he did something righteous but yet wrong by the laws.

2. Vic Zhao as Pi Zhi/Chen Zai Tian
The total opposite of his partner, this was a total turnover in character as he was totally nonchalant in his attitude towards life and work. The only time he was serious was towards the love of his life but it was later revealed the reason he was behaving in the way he was. However, there was a serious side to him as he deals with conflicts and issues in his life.

3. Ivy Chen as Chen Lin
A feisty and strong-willed girl who earned the attention of two policemen despite being brought up in a triad environment and was constantly struggling to fight off the general perception of her being one of them. She did not meddle with her father's business in the triad but somehow ends up entangled in it despite her abstinence.

4. Janine Chang as Lan Si Ying
A demure and clear-headed girl who is serious with her work and she had a sad past. She was a great friend to have and had always had a thing for Hero who just treated her as a good friend and nothing more. There was just something classy and graceful about her, and it just didn't seem like her to be in the forensics. Did I mention she was my favorite here? =)

What I Like about the movie:
The mysterious twist and how everything seems to look so casual and then inter-connected throughout the remaining of the story to form the whole story.
It's like watching bits and pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together, and for crime/mystery lovers like me, this is really cool and interesting.

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I like the two main leads; they were really cool and so poised for their roles; especially Hero (Mark Chao).
It was also refreshing to see Vic Zhao in a totally different role/character from the previous introvert role in Meteor Garden.

I love the beautiful actresses playing the lead roles; Chen Lin was played by Ivy Chen Yi Han and the following is my favorite character; Lan Si Ying played by Janine Chang who was such a great picture of demure and purity.
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Watch out for her in the drama and you will see what I mean!

Another sexy lady who appeared in the later part of the series was this model-actress who played Lei Mu Sha by Sonia Sui.

What could have been better?
I think they should have developed the relationships better; instead of creating those trails of love.
Everyone liked someone who didn't love them in return; it's like no one was in a normal and romantic relationship which was reciprocal.

I was rather hoping for Hero and Si Ying to have a relationship; and it was sad to see Si Ying longing after him and trying to be that good friend next to him who supported him in everything he does and having to see him pine after Chen Lin who obviously loved Pi Zhi.
I guess towards the end Si Ying had also fallen for Pi Zhi and that was one funny part in the whole entire drama; I am not sure anyone else noticed.

Did everyone realized that all the men in the drama seems to be in love with Chen Lin and all the women in the drama seems to love Pi Zhi????

Nobody is having a normal relationship and it was just pining and pining after one another and watching the one they love, love someone else.
Arrrrggghhhh, something is seriously wrong with the scriptwriter (no offense)

If I had to pick what could be improved; well, create lovely couples who love each other.
I wanted Hero to fall for Si Ying; and Pi Zhi being together with Chen Lin.
How difficult can that be?

The I don't get it parts
How can Chen Lin get over Hero so soon and fall for Pi Zhi when she realized that Pi Zhi was the one who saved her? I mean, how could one just fall in and out of love like it was some kind of remote control or something?

How can Hero sleep with Mu Sha when he claimed to love Chen Lin so much? Or was this just another of those guy things?

For all that's worth, I really liked the flow of the drama though it did get cheesy and the flow did tend to get a bit of draggy at certain parts.
It was quite a different twist to the usual soppy Taiwanese love soaps and I enjoyed this with the cast and the whole plot.

Go watch it and see the Taiwanese police in a whole different light and be prepared to expect the unexpected! ;)

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